Mission statement

At Rupit, we are passionate about using AI innovation to transform retail businesses and optimize profitability. Our AI-driven solutions for discounts and promotion management simplify the process, making it user-friendly and astoundingly effective. We pride ourselves on unparalleled flexibility and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to help retailers achieve their vision of success with ease and efficiency. 

Our team

The Rupit Family: Meet the Awesome Team Behind Our AI Innovations

Pooja Bhojwani

Co-founder and CEO

With a passion for accelerating retailer’s growth through AI, former Shopify Data Science Leader Pooja drives Rupit. Her career excels in delivering data-driven solutions, addressing challenges, and fostering leadership for tangible business impact


Redouane Sassioui

Co-founder and CTO

Redouane is the mastermind behind our cutting-edge AI technology, driving Rupit’s mission to transform retail business. He is a distinguished AI expert recognized for developing AI product solutions to address critical business challenges in the e-commerce space.

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