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At Rupit, we envision a future where artificial intelligence breaks down barriers, revolutionizing the retail industry into highly intelligent, efficient, and customer-centric enterprises. Our ambition is to take a pioneering role in AI innovation, guiding retailers through the intricate terrain of technology integration

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The Rupit Family: Meet the Awesome Team Behind Our AI Innovations

Pooja Bhojwani

Co-founder and CEO

With a passion for accelerating retailer’s growth through AI, former Shopify Data Science Leader Pooja drives Rupit. Her career excels in delivering data-driven solutions, addressing challenges, and fostering leadership for tangible business impact


Redouane Sassioui

Co-founder and CTO

Redouane is the mastermind behind our cutting-edge AI technology, driving Rupit’s mission to transform retail business. He is a distinguished AI expert recognized for developing AI product solutions to address critical business challenges in the e-commerce space.

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